Pronunciation: Rhythm & Tone

In this elective we will learn various chants and rhymes which will help us understand the various rhythms and tone of English. Through learning and repetition we will make our everyday speech patterns sound more natural and fluent. The difficulty associated with listening and speaking is not always because of phonemes. Stress, rhythm and tone are equally problematic and can be corrected through basic activities.


Reggie Hart's Tongue Twisters  

Timothy Smith's Teeth Seem Healthy

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Red Lorry - Yellow Lorry

I'm Really Leery

Rolling Red Wagons

A Big Black Bug Bit a Big Black Bear



American English Pronunciation Practice for EFL

This University of Iowa site is very good for self-study. It contains an animated library of the phonetic sounds of English.

App for Self Study...

Going To St. Ives - Mother Goose Site

Sounds of English Homepage

Okanagan Videos pronunciation

Every language in the world uses different sounds and this often means using a different mouth shape. So shifting between languages  means that you need to warm up the mouth and the tongue using  shapes and movements that you may not use with your mother tongue.  Just like any other muscle we need to exercise the tongue.