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My new students are awesome!

Most of the materials used in my classes can be downloaded from this site. If you lose your worksheets, don't panic. Download from here or contact me directly.

Daejeon Arts Collective


These days everyone is interested in becoming a much better writer. And one of the key ways to become better is to become organized. Basic essay writing skills will make you a better writer: whether it is creating articles or blogging or even writing a simple email to your friends. Of course, if you are not very familiar with essays or want to start at a more basic level then you should first consider the self-contained paragraph . Some books refer to this as a stand alone paragraph, but they are exactly the same thing. I have even seen it referred to as a basic paragraph. Still, no matter what it is called, it is the stepping stone between sentence writing and essay writing.
When I was a teacher trainer, I also taught descriptive essay writing to Korean English Teachers. Some of their work was highly creative and always original. Check them out for examples of college level writing in Korea.
Do you have shy students? I sure do. And one of the best ways to overcome shyness is utilizing some very simple, but effective drama techniques. Pair or group activities work very well, especially with Korean students. Why? Well, it is because they have become accustomed to working in a group setting and so having them collaborate on some simple drama exercises will get them to open up. Then, later on, when you ask them to do something alone, they will be more open to the idea because they have already “performed” in front of the other class members during their group or pair drama-related activities.
Reggie Hart - painter

I taught writing to EFL students and to English teachers in Korea for well over a decade. In Korea, there is EFL input with an expectation of ESL output. This puts tremendous pressure on English teachers in this country, both domestic and foreign. I created Reggie Hart’s EFL cafe as a one-stop shop for teachers and students to get EFL resources. Hassle free access. No sign up; no email farming. Just totally free sharing of resources and tools for the classroom. On this site, you will find great tips for essay writing and for paragraph writing. From free Engage - Study - Activate activities to using drama in the classroom, to helpful aids for teaching English in Korea, this site aims to fill this niche. In Korean my name is 레지 하트. In addition to being an educator, I am an avid painter of landscapes and an occasional musician. 

In my free time, I enjoy painting. I hope you will take the time to check out my other site: art sold.

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