21st Century Reading Audio / Video link

Check out TED videos on youtube 

Youtube TED Talks with Korean subtitles link.... make sure to search for the video you want by title.

Marshmallow Challenge


All students must keep every piece of writing they create for this class, including every draft of sentences or paragraphs. The writing will be kept in a folder. Name the folder “portfolio” and put your name on the folder. The instructor will ask to see your folders at different times during the semester. At the end of the semester all students will show the portfolio to the instructor. “Portfolio” will count toward your final grade as participation/homework points.

Additional Materials: Students will also need to purchase an A4 size, 20-40 page, clear sleeve, file folder for the 'portfolio' writing projects.

GCT Assistant: For questions please see the GCT site assistant.

Check the box on this page for Microsoft Word documents needed for this course.