Hi, I am Reggie Hart, an educator in Korea who originally hails from Canada. I have always maintained that teachers should not be in competition with one another. With that in mind, this site, Reggie Hart's EFL Cafe, is designed to be a totally free resource for teachers who wish to get access to great materials they can utilize in their classrooms. I am always on the lookout for new powerpoint templates and great activities to help engage students in the EFL or in the ESL classroom. It would be greatly appreciated if you would link my site on your blog or homepage, especially if you are a fellow educator. I have been in Korea and actively involved in Korean education for well over a decade and look forward to getting messages from any teacher or student in the field of English education.

Reggie Hart's EFL Cafe is your one-stop shop featuring EFL tools for teachers and students.

Reggie Hart in the Classroom
At KNUE 2009 Reggie Hart